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Nhà Sản phẩmMáy Laser Tattoo Removal

Q switched 1064nm 532nm ND YAG laser tattoo removal pigment removal machine

Q switched 1064nm 532nm ND YAG laser tattoo removal pigment removal machine

  • Q switched 1064nm 532nm ND YAG laser tattoo removal pigment removal machine
Q switched 1064nm 532nm ND YAG laser tattoo removal pigment removal machine
Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:
Place of Origin: beijing
Hàng hiệu: zohonice
Model Number: K9-Kalia
Thanh toán:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Giá bán: Apply to the latest price
Packaging Details: Aluminum Packing Box / Carton box
Delivery Time: 3~7 working days after your payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Money Gram
Supply Ability: Above 100pcs per month
Tiếp xúc
Chi tiết sản phẩm
Energy: 1-2000mj Pulse duration: 8-10ns
Frequency: 1-10Hz Adjustable Power: 2000w
Single pulse energy: ≤ 200mj 1064nm ≤ 100mj 532nm Facular diameter: 1-10mm
Điểm nổi bật:

nd yag laser machine


q switch laser tattoo removal machine

Q switched 1064nm 532nm ND YAG laser tattoo removal pigment removal machine


Working principle

Laser pigment treatment system, adopting the gem Q mode, laser instantly launch high-energy to effectively crushed the Pigment of the diseased tissue, namely the light to blasting principles: the accumulation of high-energy laser instantly launch ,the wavelength of 1064nm , 532 nm of the laser (pulse width of about 10-20ns)instantly reach pathological changes pigmented in a very short time . the corresponding pigment group absorb light energy to heat speed expansion instantly blasting, part (epidermis) of the chromophore fragmentation in skin metabolism,part (epidermis the following organizations) Pigment is fragmented into small particles,they can be macrophage phagocytosis by macrophages to digest.Finally,they excreted through the body's lymphatic circulation,the pigment of the diseased tissue will be gradually reduced until it disappears, while the surrounding normal skin tissue does not absorb 1064,532 nm wavelength laser, and therefore almost no damage.

Q switched 1064nm 532nm ND YAG laser tattoo removal pigment removal machine 0



1.1064 nm:treat exogenous and endogenous pigment, remove of the color (black, dark brown, yan,bluish violet ) tattoo .but also can remove birthmark ,warts,nevus of Ota,nevus ect.
2. 532nm: treat exogenous and endogenous pigment, treatment of the color red, light brown, red is relatively slow. remove tattoo . but also can remove birthmark ,warts,nevus of Ota,nevus ect.
3. 1320nm: shrink pores, balance grease secretion, tightening remove fine lines, the treatment of black head, acne, rough skin, light epidermis blain blain to print.



1. ND Yag Laser Equipment with high power 800w(1500mj), perfect for tattoo and pigmentation removal

2. Laser has high frequency up 10HZ - Fast shooting , save treatment time and with good effect

3. Laser Handle with Yellow crystal rods which offer strong and high energy

4. Infrared light: red infrared light can help to target small treatment area more accurately, which can achieve

better effects it is really cost- effective.

5. Metal case with stoving/baking varnish, good anti-press and scratch-resistant

6. CE Certificated laser tattoo removal machine

7. Excellent wind + water cooling system can extend working time and make treatment more comfortable.

8. Laser Lamp Valid Life time high up to 200000 shots.



Laser type Q-switch ND YAG Laser
Laser output wave length 1064nm/532nm/carbon tip
Laser Pulse energy 0~2000mj
Laser Pulse width ~10ns
Laser Power 2000w
Laser Recurrence rate 1-10Hz
Aming Light Red infrared light
Laser Lamp life time More than 1,000,000 shots
Spots Diameter 1-8mm(continously adjustable)
Laser Robs yellow crystal rods
Screen Button-touch
Color White and Gray
Case Material Metal
Laser Cooling condition Wind + water
Laser Power source 220V/5A or 110V/10A



1.How will I feel during treatment?


Apart from a mild pricking sensation, most people do not experience any high level of discomfort during the procedure. Local anaesthetic cream can be used and/or pain relief, such as paracetamol, can be taken to ease discomfort if needed.


2.Is it the right treatment for me?

Laser tattoo removal may not be suitable if you are a darker skin type; this is due to the potential of the area leaving a ‘ghosting’ effect. This is where the skin is lighter than the surrounding area. Your practitioner will assess suitability in your consultation.


3.How often will I need laser tattoo removal?


You will need treatment minimum every four weeks and a course of 6-10 treatments is often enough to remove the tattoo depending on the colour and depth of the tattoo ink.

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